Karen's recipe website

Karen's recipe website

Welcome!  In order to share the recipes that have become favorites in our house, I've created this recipe website.  We try lots of different recipes, so I am including regular dinner recipes, recipes for dinner parties, appetizers, and desserts - pretty much anything we have made and liked.  Hope you enjoy it!

My recipe website

This is my website of our favorite recipes, and hopefully it is helpful to you!   I have recently sorted through *ALL* of my cooking magazines (including more than 14 years worth of Martha Stewart Living magazines!), so I have many, many new recipes to add.  Keep checking for new additions!  I am also starting to add photos of recipes as I make them. 

Recipe Sources

I collect recipes from *everywhere*, and sometimes I edit them to serve my purposes.  I credit the source (if I know it) -  it will usually appear just below the recipe title.  Some sources are online sources.  Some of my favorite recipes come from websites and food magazines, such as Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart Living (see links).  Other recipes come from family recipes, recipes from cookbooks, or recipes passed on from friends.  And some are recipes that I have created myself!

For my Weight Watchers friends

I originally created this website at the request of some of my Weight Watchers friends.  All of the recipes have non-"power foods" ingredients marked an asterisk*, so that you can calculate Points Plus® values for those ingredients not included in the Simply Filling technique (SFT).  For those tracking Points Plus®, I have now included the nutritional information for the recipes. Most dessert and appetizer recipes are in their original form (i.e. full-fat, real sugar, etc.), so the recipe title will be followed with an asterisk* if the whole recipe needs to be counted - otherwise individual ingredients will be marked* for SFT followers, as with entree and side dish recipes. 

For my other friends (everyone else!) :)

Although I usually make the recipes as written, please feel free to use full-fat items, additional oil or butter, white pasta or white rice instead of what is called for (whole wheat pasta, brown rice, etc.) in the entree recipes.  For dessert and appetizer recipes, they are usually the same as the original source - I occasionally lighten them, but usually just enjoy them as they are!  I hope this site gives you fun ideas for new recipes to try!